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The 1980's and Beyond


By the late 1970's, the surprisingly active Citroën scene in Portland was sadly winding down. After Roger Sagner's Motor Mart came to an end in about 1980, the only real Citroën support network in all of Oregon was from Bill Lonseth.  

Bill was interested in Citroëns from an early age and by the late 1960's, he had landed his first automotive job working for a Citroën dealership in the Oregon city of Springfield. The dealership was called S.L. Motors, which handled several marques, including Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, Studebaker, Mercedes, and Datsun. 

Within a year so of working for S.L. Motors as a parts manager, Bill was asked by Citroën to move to Los Angeles to help run the much larger parts department for Citroën LA.  

By about 1974 or so, Bill moved back to Portland to work for Roger Sagner as parts manager.  


Throughout these various jobs, Bill's skills dealing with parts books, ordering, and stocking parts for cars, especially French cars, was finely honed.  His skills even landed him a job in London. 

Bill was also good at working on cars and so throughout the 1980's, 1990's and early 2000's, he helped local Citroën owners repair their cars. If there has been a constant personality in the Oregon Citroën scene, it would be Bill Lonseth. 

Bill has now retired from car work but he still lives in Portland and still has Citroëns.  


Bill was very gracious to help us prepare this article. 


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