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It looks like it was in 1961 when Citroën introduced the factory convertible to the USA. Scouring newspapers of the era revealed an article stating that the very first DS convertible in the USA was air-freighted at the last minute to California in November of 1960 and shown in the San Francisco and Los Angeles auto shows that were showcasing the new 1961 models.

LA Mirror, Nov 1960.png

LA Mirror, Nov 1960



These early convertibles in the USA had the same front end lighting that other North American DS sedans had; sealed beam headlights and Lucas front turn signals. 

For the rear lighting, USA convertibles had Lucas tail lights like Euro convertibles, but American convertibles did not get the boomerang turn signals on the rear deck. Instead, one of the Lucas tail lamps on each side was changed to a dual filament unit that incorporated the turn signal function. 


USA Specification DS19 Convertible without boomerang turn signals 

But if you look a bit closer, not only were the boomerang turn signals gone on USA cars, but the entire rear body section was different! Notice that on European convertibles, there was a raised boss on the body of the car for the rear turn signal lamps. On USA cars, this area was completely flat.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 7.34.54 AM.png

Boomerang turn signal on rear deck of a Euro convertible

convertible boomerang.jpg

Notice the raised boss under the Euro turn signal unit

I am pretty sure that between 1961 and 1967, Canadian convertibles did not have the boomerangs either.



According to the parts book, USA wagons received the characteristic folding license plate holder on the lower rear tailgate in 1961. This holder uses the ubiquitous Lucas license plate lights. The folding license plate holder was used on American wagons until Citroën stopped importing cars into the USA in 1972.


Chris Dubuque

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 8.42.02 PM.png

Folding license plate holder on USA wagons from 1961

Non-folding rear license plate treatment on all Euro wagons and USA/Canadinan wagons for one year only; 1960


Mark Krahn

We think Canadian wagons received the folding license plate holder at the same time that USA cars did. Note that Canadian license plates are almost exactly the same size as USA cars. 

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