Lots of stuff on American DS19’s started to deviate from Euro models in 1958. 


Also in 1958, the first ID19’s arrived on North American shores. It looks like Citroën’s dealership at 300 Park Avenue in New York had the very first ID19 in the USA, and this was in February of 1958. Challenger Motors in LA was probably the second USA dealer to have an ID19 in their showroom, and this occurred a few weeks later, in March.

FRONT TURN SIGNALS. By 1958, all USA DS’s (DS19’s, ID19’s, and wagons) were equipped with Lucas front turn signals. For 1956 and probably all of 1957, USA DS’s had the euro front turn signals. 


These Lucas lights caused a minor change to the front fenders, since these lamps were secured with three screws in lieu of the two screws needed for the Euro lights. There was also a wiring change in the fender harnesses to accommodate these Lucas lights (they had a dual-filament bulb, one for the turn signal, one for parking lights, whereas the Euro turn signals only had a single filament bulb).


The Lucas lenses were clear on these early cars, but for 1964 and on, the lens color turned to amber.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 9.48.40 AM.png


Lucas front turn.png


Euro front turn signal lamp (left), Lucas front turn signals with white lenses (right)

Turn sig housing.jpeg

Chris Dubuque

turn sig housing 2.jpeg

Chris Dubuque

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 9.43.37 AM.png

Moss Motors

Details of Lucas front turn signal

The parts books for 1956-1965 cars have no specific parts identified for Canadian cars. However, based on period photos (such as the 1959 photo below), Canadian cars followed the pattern for USA cars and received Lucas turn front signals in 1958.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.49.09 AM.pn

Vancouver Sun, 1959

Canadian DS19 with Lucas turn signals

REAR TURN SIGNALS. All USA 1956’s and 1957’s I have found have Euro rear turn signals. 

But by 1958, the configuration of USA DS's had changed to the ubiquitous Lucas lamps with the twist-off lenses that were on many British cars of the era. At the same time, the housings changed to stainless steel (no more red plastic housings).

USA 1957 DS19 S/N 22334, has red plastic Euro turn signals

rear turn sig.jpeg

Chris Dubuque

Lucas rear turn.png

Chris Dubuque

Greg Long

Lucas twist-off rear turn signal used from 1958 to 1966 in the USA

Based on period photos, Canadian cars followed the pattern for USA cars and received Lucas exterior lighting in 1958. 

B-PILLAR PARKING LAMPS. The parts books show that Euro DS19’s had parking lamps on the B-pillar from 1955-1961. 


All 1956 and 1957 DS19’s in the USA also had these lights. But by 1958, they disappeared from USA cars. Removing these lights caused more wiring changes and different B-pillar trim to be used on USA cars. An example of a 1957 USA DS19 with these lights is shown (S/N 22334).

USA model 1957 DS19 with B-pillar lights (S/N 22334). They were gone for 1958


Chris Dubuque

The parts books show that Euro ID19’s and wagons used these B-pillar lights from 1959 to early 1962. But US and Canadian ID19’s and wagons never received them at all. Below are three examples; George Dyke's Canadian 1960, a 1959 Citroën USA brochure photo, and Mark Krahn's beautiful Canadian model 1960 wagon. 

dyke close.jpeg

George Dyke

Two early ID19's showing no B-pillar parking lights


Citroën ID19 Brochure

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 8.28.53 AM.png

Mark Krahn

Mark Krahn's Canadian 1960 wagon - no B-pillar lights

WIRING. The parts books and repair manuals do not clearly identify the differences with USA wiring. I think that the four main wiring harnesses (front harness, rear harness, and left/right front fender harnesses) were identical (or near identical) between USA and Euro models until 1958. At this time, the Lucas exterior lighting and the turn signal differences on USA cars caused the main harness and the front fender harnesses to start deviating from the Euro models. As the years went on, the wiring deviated more and more between USA and Euro cars. 

REAR REFLECTOR. The rear reflector on USA ID19’s was different than Euro cars on the first ID19’s to reach the USA (in early 1958). The best photo I have found of this reflector is from an American ID19 brochure (see below). 


Citroen ID19 Brochure

Round reflector on very early ID19’s

Below is a photo of a European model ID19 with a very similar small round reflector. While it looks like the one on the USA cars, it is a different part number (DM 579 1d for the USA version, vs. DM 579 1b for the Euro version). Why did the USA and Euro reflectors have a different part number even though they looked the same? I am not sure, but if you do a bit of Googling, you will find that there are many complicated optical requirements for automotive reflectors and perhaps the Euro reflector did not meet USA standards. Either that, or the parts book simply has a typo and they were in fact the same.…


USA ID19’s used this round reflector until July of 1959. 

round reflector.png


Round reflector on very early Euro ID19’s

HEATER VALVE. On all of the USA 1956 and 1957 DS19’s I can find, the heater valve is labelled in French. But by 1958, the wording on USA cars was in English. In 1961, the valve design changed and only had symbols, so at this time, the valve became the same between USA and Euro cars.

French heater valve.png


French language for 1956 and 1957 on USA cars

English heater valve.png


By 1958, the wording changed to English on USA cars

FRONT BUMPER. The first ID19’s to reach North America happened in early 1958. These early ID19’s in the USA had a different front bumper than their Euro counterparts. I believe that early USA ID19’s had stainless steel blades with chrome-plated Zamac risers (like the DS19), while their Euro counterparts initially had an un-plated aluminum front bumper. In 1963, the front bumpers between US and Euro ID19’s became the same (stainless steel). 

parechocs alu ID.jpg


1549241119d8e615800W0W_dWxYVW9zf80_1200x900.jpg copy.jpg


Aluminum front bumper on early Euro ID19, Stainless Steel on USA 1961 ID19's