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NEW or UPDATED for March 2023:

Added a mini-history of Kunstle Motor Company, a Citroën dealer in Monterey, Califorinia

Added content concerning a front suspension arm change needed to make room for emission control equipment on USA 1968-1972 DS's.

Added new content about Pioneer Automotive in Edmonton, Alberta.

Added a brief obituary for Bill Lonseth, an important figure for Citroëns in Oregon.

Added a wiring schematic for the interior lights and door buzzer system on 1970-1975 US and Canadian DS's.

Added photos of the seat weight switch used for the seat belt buzzer system on late 1972 US and Canadian cars.

NEW or UPDATED for February 2023:

Added additional content and more photos concerning early Canadian importation. ​


Added new content about brake system safety and correspondence Citroën had with the NHSTA about the brake system.

We found a second 1956 DS that was equipped with unusual sealed beam headlights

Seattle Citroën


Citroën History in Seattle

Citroën History in Oregon

Citroën History in California

Citroën History in British Columbia

US and Canadian DS's

US and Canadian SM's


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